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MIHHER is a unisex brand and minimalist concept that combines modern architectural elements with delicate feminine cut lines and also masculine details, bringing in Romanian’s fashion world fresh , geometric, elegant air subtle elements customary suggesting  a new phase of MIHHER launched by it’sfirst collection called ABOVE(something more, coeval, new). Above quintessence collection is based on a distinctive uniformity of details that give each piece a unique style of clothing. Overlapping geometric shapes, angular cuts, suggesting the masculin style. Through the perfection of cut and curved lines as the body shape is emphasized the femininity of our collection. As our name suggestsMihher consists of Him and Her, the concept is based on the combination of masculine and feminine and creation of a vision of what we will prospectively wear- futuristic clothing, easy to put on, with unique elements that suits us out of the monotony of office classical. Mihher unisex concept signifies nonconformist, individualism in social uniformity, out of the ordinary discretion  without too much risking of highlight or seeming too hard or too different.